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Financial Intelligence

Financial intelligence is the knowledge and skills gained from understanding finance and accounting principles in the business world. Financial intelligence is not an innate skill, rather it is a learned set of skills that can be developed at all levels."

Most people have no idea about how to best handle their money and assetts. They collect debt and evil" interests instead of profits and good" interests.

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There's no wonder that this is the reality. Who has gotten any substantial REAL money education? I didn't. The school sure didn't give me one. Not in primary school, secondary school nor university. People get their money education from their parents, most of the time indirectly in the form of how the parents handle their money affairs. Let's face it, if your parents weren't doing well financially as you we're growing upyou have gotten BAD MONEY PROGRAMMING!

So if you have debt today..if you don't have enough money to live a careless life, enough money to be doing what YOU want to be doingyou need to change your programming. Change your attitude towards money. Become money conscious. Develop a money-magnet-mindset.

This is learnable.

You have to stop blaming things outside of yourself and take things into your own hands. Take responsibility for your money situation and change it if your not happy with it right now.

There are tons of books that you can read to get you there, or at least in the general direction.

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