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Laptops are today by far the most popular PCs. They offer good mobility,...

Laptops are today by far the most popular PCs. They offer good mobility, are lightweight and are comparable in performance with PCs. However, just like any other machine even laptops may occasionally need some maintenance and replacement or upgrade on a few parts. However, what most of the laptop users don't know is that they can replace almost every part of their laptop and that too at home.

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Replacing parts at home means that users can save a huge amount of money that they would have paid up as service charges at any service center. Yes, that might bring cheer to most laptop users fed up with paying a huge service fee. However, what must be taken into consideration is the fact that all changes, upgrades must be made following proper guidelines and only original or trusted parts must be installed.

You can change your laptops keyboard, Ram, battery, hard drive, motherboard, processor, ventilator fan, lcd screen, touchpad amongst others. However, when you buy spares for any of these parts, always ensure that you buy them from a trusted source.

There is no dearth of online retail stores selling laptop spare parts online. However, what you must always ensure is that the laptop parts is not selling any fake used or sub standard part to you in the name of good quality spares. Do not get lured by the heavy discounts being offered by a retailer selling cheaper and similar parts. Duplicate parts can damage your laptop and render them useless.

Also, many retailers try to mislead buyers by selling them incompatible parts. Always ensure that you know at least the complete model number of your laptop and preferably the model number, make and any other relevant detail of the spare when you place an order. It would be a good idea to contact the spare parts seller beforehand and ensure that the part you are planning to buy is compatible with your laptop.

However, you will always get a better deal with an online retailer since they always buy parts in bulk and therefore get a sweeter deal from the manufacturer. They are always happy to pass on some that benefit to end buyer like you. Again, make sure you compare prices at a few e-stores before making your choice.

Next make sure that you ask the retailer about replacement and refund policy so that in case the spare part supplied is not in proper order you can get your money back or a new and working piece. Any retailer who is not selling genuine parts will not provide a clear replacement and refund policy in writing.

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