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How To Create Real Wealth By Creating the Right Mindset 3 Principles For Success

We all know how slow the economy has been with our current mega-recession, and any hopes for a healthy job market have declined to pretty much nil. Many people are either exploring the idea of creating their own business, making some money online, or doing something beyond their normal work-a-day work world so that they have a decent living. And what happens a lot of the time is that obstacles pop up, and we may find ourselves getting in over our heads. We make some mistakes, we end up actually losing money we couldn't afford to lose, and we end up throwing in the towel because we think we're not made of the right stuff, or the business world is just too difficult to get involved in.

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So how did the people who are Successful get where they are? Are they really so different from you? If they have the right stuff to be successful, why don't you think you do too?

Principle #1: Its Not Luck, Its Just Dog Headedness

Its not even great intelligence, or having any kind of special abilities. Heck, there are tons of scientists and writers and

Thomas Edison, one of the Kings of Dog Headedness

doctors and engineers that are brilliant, but are they wealthy? A lot of the time, no, because it's not just about being

smart. I personally think Nicola Tesla was far more brilliant than Thomas. But it was Edison, one of the kings of dog headedness, who was the real business success. Kind of like Bill Gates, Edison was pretty relentless in terms of his business. So if you want to be successful, just plain don't give up, whatever life throws at you.

Principle #2: Take Whatever Comes Your Way, And Make A Better Lemonade

So heres a great quote to start with:

Life is not fair; get used to it.

- Bill Gates

I can just image Bill Gates saying that. Bill Gates throughout his career at Microsoft was truly an unstoppable force. And don't think for a minute that all his Success was just because of a lot of smart software engineers. As the CEO of Microsoft he really was relentless. He would pretty much bury or buy any other company to achieve his goals. A man of super high expectations, he had super high expectations for those who reported to him.

This is the principle of not letting obstacles and failures stop you from succeeding. Everyone has failures. Failures are actually part of success. All of the most successful business leaders in the world have experienced failures. The one difference between successful people and people who fail are that the successful never quit. Now you have I'm sure heard similar statements before. But did you really get the point? Yes, if you fall, you may already know that to avoid failure you just have to get up and get going again. Maybe you quit because you think you have tried so many times already, and you have failed every time, and you've just had enough, and you're wasting your time, money, and energy.

There is something very valuable in failure. Failure can be just as valuable as success, because once you have experienced it you have learned something that a lot of other people don't already know. And you can use what you have learned to both re-evaluate what you're doing and set an improved course of action, and to teach others how to avoid the mistakes you have made. And in that way you make yourself a valuable resource. I know in my business that can be extremely valuable. Once you know failure, you know the road. No one else knows that particular stretch of road like you do.

So the point is, never fear failure. YOU WILL FAIL, BECAUSE FAILURE IS THE PATH TO SUCCESS. Whenever you fail, you're that much closer to success. Be smart and learn from what you're doing, and know that you're always making progress, in one way or another.

Principle #3: BE What You Want To Become

This is super important to understand. If you think about successful people, maybe Richard Branson, you think of this super dynamic, super wealthy and successful person. He is worlds apart from us, and is this amazing business person, who is just so amazing we can't even fathom the huge abyss of knowledge and know-how and just pure business adeptness between him and us. Right? Wrong. Richard Branson started right where you and I are right now. We all have the ability to move forward and to believe in ourselves. And this is not some religious thing. Believing in yourself means you take on the role of the successful person to become the successful person.

Have you ever fantasized about being a king or a queen or some great leader of society, and all the amazing things you might do if you we're that? But maybe then you shrink back, thinking enough of the fantasy, time to get back to work in the real world. Well, especially if you want to do your own business, becoming the king or queen is exactly what you really do want to do. Really. If suddenly, by some quirk of circumstances, maybe some natural disaster or some revolution or something, you we're thrust into the role of being an important organizer or leader, what would you really do? You would do your best and just plain start doing it.

The worst thing a person in a leadership role could do is say I'm not up to this, I'm not good enough. Those are the leaders who cease to be leaders. But the ordinary person who says I AM good enough for this, and I'm just plain going to do it, and nothing will stop me, is the person who will bring him or herself into prominence and success.

So just decide to BE who you want to become, and BE THAT PERSON. Right now. Make the decision to move forward. There really is no difference between you and Richard Branson and Thomas Edison or Bill Gates. You already have exactly what brought them to success. That is the ability to make the decision to be the person you want to be, and then to act on that decision. Thats all there is to it. Different great people may have some particular abilities that others do not, but all that does is give a particular direction to their success. It has nothing to do with their ability to be successful in the first place. So make no separation between yourself and wealthy and successful people.

Bonus: How The Process Of Becoming Successful Really Works: The Mechanics

There is actually a transformative process going on in your mind when you make the decision to be a successful person and take the actions to make it happen. Your subconscious mind, observing how you are behaving, and how you are thinking, begins to transform itself into the subconscious mind of a successful person. This is not something you have to try and make happen. Because you change your role and your behaviors and activities, your subconscious mind adapts to fit the role. It is automatic. Believe in yourself on the surface level while you take on the role of the successful person, and your subconscious mind will create the foundation that sustains you as a successful person.

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